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Think About It Central

When Blake Can't Shut Up

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Home of Blake M. Petit's "Think About It"
25 August 1977
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Welcome to the home of "Think About It," my weekly humor/pop culture/current events commentary column. This column has been in existence since 1997 when I began writing it at The Nicholls Worth, campus newspaper for Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. When I graduated, I took the column to the St. Charles Herald-Guide newspaper, which was its home for five years and where it won Best Regular Column in the 2001 Louisiana Press Association Awards. This is its new home -- check here every Friday for a new piece on film, tv, current events or anything else I might happen to find amusing. Also, keep your eyes open for frequent reviews of books, movies, comic books or TV shows, links to my comic book reviews, columns and podcasts from Comixtreme.com, the occasional piece of short fiction, special announcements and more. And in October and December, clear your calendars for the Think About It Central Halloween and Christmas parties!

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